21ST Century Community Empowerment for Youth & Women Initiative (www.ceywi.org) is a humanitarian, not for profit, and non-governmental organization founded in 2012. It was incorporated as a corporate body with Corporate Affairs Commission on 7th November, 2014 (CAC/IT/NO73348), National Planning Commission (12th August, 2015), NPC/NGO/IC/S.638, Special Control Unit on Money Laundering (24th November, 2014) RN: SC 151401085, Federal Inland Revenue Services (11th February, 2015) MTOABJ/NGO/73348/0000814.

Our target groups cuts across youths, women with special interest in political and economic empowerment for the betterment of the society.

21ST Century Community Empowerment for Youth & Women Initiative is a member of various networks and coalitions. At national we belong to: Civil Society Scaling-up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN), Nigerian Network of NGOs, Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), Tax Justice and Governance Platform (TJGP), Zero Corruption Coalition (ZCC), State of the Union Nigeria Campaign Platform (SOTU-N-CAMP) while at regional level we are member of West Africa Civil Society Forum (WACSOF), also at continental level we belong to African Caucus NGOs on Social Development and internationally we belong to United Nation Convention Against Corruption Coalition (UNCAC), and United Nations NGO Committee on Social Development.

In operational terms, 21ST Century Community Empowerment for Youth & Women Initiative main activities focuses on: *Community Development *Peace Education *Reproductive Rights Campaign *Poverty Alleviation *Migration *Youth Empowerment Programme *Gender Rights *Food Security Campaign *SDGs Attainment Campaign *Research *Volunteer Program


To serve as an agent of positive change, through education, research, advocacy and awareness creation to develop a broader understanding of cultural, socioeconomic, and business development management issues through rural development


To engage and develop every young person to recognize the imagination, ideas, and energies of young men and women for continuing development of societies in which they live.


  • Human dignity and gender equity for development.
  • Open exchange of information and ideas, based on mutual respect
  • Transparency and accountability for government, civil society and the private sector
  • Collaboration, inclusiveness, integrity, professionalism, and non-partisanship in the work of the organization


  • Clear organizational objectives
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Founders contributed to the various development issues across the globe
  • Global network.
  • 21ST Century Community Empowerment for Youth & Women Initiative focuses on the following thematic areas and projects:
    Good Governance and Democracy: Election Monitoring, Popular Participation (Town Hall Meetings), Budget Monitoring &Tracking and Procurement Monitoring Processes
  • Gender and Women Empowerment: Gender Analysis of Policies &Programmes and Gender Mainstreaming
  • Micro Finance: Promoting Savings among Rural Women, Savings and Credit Scheme for Small Scale Farmers, Providing Micro-Credit Services for Poor Women
  • Training and Education for Development: Resource Centre Training on Social Analysis and Social Teaching of the Target Groups, Providing Training for Community Groups, NGOs for Strengthening of Institutional &Technical Capacity and Media/Communication for Development and Scholarship Scheme for Indigent and deserving Youth especially Young Girls
  • Agricultural Development and Livelihood: Women and Youth in Agriculture for Food Sovereignty
  • Research: Policy Advocacy, Pro-Poor Policy Advocacy and Documentation
  • Consultancy

OBJECTIVES: Towards Sustainable Ecological and Human Development, 21ST Century Community Empowerment for Youth & Women Initiatives specific objectives are:

  1. To build human and institutional capacity for sustainable development and poverty reduction among youths and women.
  2. To promote volunteerism in youth, educate and engage them to be active informed participants in political, economic and development process.
  3. To deepen socio- culture and promote good governance, rule of law, human rights, environmental rights, equity and social justice.
  4. To collaborate and share relevant information with all stakeholders including appropriate government agencies at all levels on implementation of development projects that would impact on common people.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES – This is the policy making organ of the organisation. It is saddled with the responsibilities of approving budget of the organisation, provides contact for resources mobilization and supports the smooth operation of the secretariat.

Barrister (Mrs) Adebusola Mumini                Chairperson
Mr. Liafis Sulaimon                                           Member
Mrs.Halima Adefolahan                                   Member
Mrs.Deborah Salamai                                       Member
Ms.Chioma Kanu                                               Member
Mr. Adebayo Badejo                                          Member
Mr. Lukman Adekunle Adefolahan               Secretary

ADVISORY COUNCIL– This is the organ that provides advisory functions to the organisation. It consists of people of vast and extensive experience.

Chief Isiah Adeleke Ebo
Alhaji Lukman Olukoya
Mr. Anya Okoro Okeke
Mr. Salahudeen Hashim
Mr. Oyebanji Timothy (ACA)
Mrs Margaret Ojelabi
Barrister (Mrs) Nancy Lohor
Pastor Solomon Joseph Segun

SECRETARIAT- EXECUTIVE/MANAGEMENT BOARD – The secretariat is vested with the day-to-day running of the organisation. It implements the decisions of the Board of Trustees. It is headed by the Programmes Coordinator who over sees the day-to-day smooth running of the organisation, while a Senior Programme Officer over sees programme implementation along with other programme staff.

  • Lead Director
  • Senior Programme Officer
  • Human Resource/Administration Associate
  • Finance/Account Associates
  • Programme Associates
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Associate
  • Assistant Programe Associate
  • Communication and Information Associate
  • Interns
  • Office Assistant

Our Esteemed Partners

Our mission is to Impact women and Youth for Sustainable Development in Africa
  • Our Office Address is at 9, Mubashar Plaza, By Millano Hotel Junction, Opposite Great Success International School, MTN Pole Area Ikwa, Zuba, FCT, Nigeria
  • +234(0)8106232033, +234(0)8027942603

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