Restore Nigerian Agriculture

In March 22, 2016

Restore Nigerian Agriculture

Nigeria was once a leading agricultural producer, helping feed other parts of the world. Today, our decline in productivity means we must import essential goods like wheat, rice, sugar and milk, costing us billions every year. With 40 percent of our land able to support farming, Nigerian agriculture can and must be restored to move families from subsistence farming, create new jobs in agriculture and related fields, and provide the accessible and affordable supply of food necessary to feed a nation.

APC’s Roadmap for Restoring Agriculture Includes:

• Provide a government-guaranteed market for agricultural produce at world index-linked prices.
• Revive agriculture as an engine for economic growth and new jobs, including the expansion of agricultural processing and manufacturing.
• Aid subsistence farmers in increasing food production and creating jobs by modernizing and commercializing farm production, and increase the availability of loans and capital investments for small and medium-scale cash crops.
• Make more land available and prepared for farming, and encourage young people to enter into farming through incentives such as incubator hubs and price guarantees.
• Make sure farmers have access to the resources they need, such as seeds and fertilizer, by enhancing agricultural extension services and food inspectorate divisions.
• Ensure Nigeria’s food supply is affordable, reduces food-borne illnesses and improves nutrition through a nationwide food inspectorate division.

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